'Xbox 720 blocking used games would be unfair,' writes Halo dev

$60 games are expensive - and gamers shouldn't be forced to keep them, argues Saber Interactive's Matthew Karch

There have been plenty of Xbox 720 rumour reports this year, but one in particular has sparked controversy amongst the gaming public.

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ElementX2265d ago

If you can't afford your hobby, get a new one

LOGICWINS2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I'm sure there are many people that can afford a couple $60 games a year...but common sense dictates that these people would benefit from their hobby even MORE if they had the option of selling back these $60 games if they get bored of them.

Just because you can AFFORD something doesn't mean that you can't try to find a discount for it.

Hypothetically speaking, if you were offered half price on anything in a store for a day...are you going to willingly pay full price just because you can "afford" it?

LOGICWINS2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


What is your obsession with me...seriously? Anyways, I'll bite if it will make you happy. I'm a nice guy ;)

Theres a difference between not being able to afford something (ElementX's view) and not wanting to spend money (what I said in your link).

Scenario #1

Say your an average gamer/live alone college student and you have $60 in your pocket. In this scenario, you WANT to spend money on a brand new game, but you can't AFFORD it. So you choose to spend that $60 on groceries instead.

Scenario #2

Say your an average gamer/live alone college student who just won the lottery. In this scenario, you can AFFORD all the games you want and buy all the groceries you want. HOWEVER, you no longer believe that games are worth buying since your a rich bastard and you've embraced new hobbies such as wining/dining models or bungie jumping twice a week etc. In this case, you choose not to SPEND money on games...even though you can afford it.

Outside_ofthe_Box2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


Did you not see who you replied to? The dude was talking about how he could not afford to shell out money on a new console and you came in and replied that if you don't want to spend money you're in the wrong hobby...

But like always, you'll never admit when you are wrong lol.

vishant1012264d ago

u made my night Outside_ofthe_Box hav a bub

sikbeta2264d ago

It's just a rumor, there is no proof of this and I don't think MS will do that, their cash cow is Live, they can live with used purchased games as long as people need to play online, no need to do this s***

Army_of_Darkness2264d ago

"A $60 game has about $30 of waste in it in getting the game to retail. I really believe that with digital distribution you can get that same full-length experience for $30."......... If it cost half price for digital copies of new games, then I can definitely agree with that idea!

gamingdroid2264d ago

Most people that says "If you can't afford your hobby, get a new one" are the people that ends up NOT affording it in the long run.

A foole and his money is soone parted....

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hellzsupernova2264d ago

how are these people going to survive when it goes all digital?

Animals_as_Leaders2264d ago

If you don't like gaming you can giiiiiit out!!!


What an ignorant thing to say.

That's like telling someone on minimum wage that if they can't afford overpriced elitist brand caviar that they shouldn't buy basic groceries...

Gaming is only expensive if you let it be...but that doesn't mean it should become an elitist hobby because *CUNTS* like yourself can afford it easier than those that buy used games.


ElementX2264d ago

No, it's not anything like your caviar example. If you can't afford expensive caviar, don't buy it. It has nothing to do with "basic groceries". Buy what you can afford. You don't see some person living on the street collecting classic cars.

gamingdroid2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )


No... but I have seen "homeless" people pass up quick and easy jobs that earns twice as much as flipping burgers!

ziggurcat2264d ago

unfair is putting it mildly...

KingPin2264d ago

i agree.
but i dont think these idiots think it through before they talk out their ass.

the store only takes in used games coz they can make money off it. half the people i know are able to BUY NEW GAMES because they trade in their older ones and get a credit for it which they put towards buying the new game.

now take away used game sales, why would someone wanna trade in a game and get nothing for it. no trade in = no credit, no credit = no discount, no discount = cant afford the new game hence NEW GAME DOES NOT GET SOLD!!

ziggurcat2264d ago


a good portion of the new games i've purchased have been because i've traded in older games that i was no longer playing to get them at a lower price (even getting money back in some cases!)

the other thing is that rental businesses would no longer be able to rent games if they were tied to specific units.

LX-General-Kaos2264d ago

Not going to lie. After being asked to renew my gamestop card, pre orders, game guards EVERYTIME I go to gamestop. I almost want to see them go down for not being able to sell used games. I cant even go in there to pre order a game without them asking me to pre order another.

I have 2 months left on my card and those bastards STILL ask me to renew it time and time again.

iistuii2264d ago

People don't think twice about going out on a Saturday night & spending £40 on a good piss up. Yet that £40 could buy you a game like B3 or Fifa to play online which will last a whole year. Even going to the pictures costs a packet now. Don't get me wrong, single player games like God of war or say heavy rain once completed in a week or so are then stuck on your hard drive. But if they had a rental system going on it would be cool. Say you rented a single player game digitally for £5 per week, I'd complete most single player games in that time, so it would save me money.

Furesis2264d ago

i think games are very expensive compared to like movies or CD's and i think movies even costs more to make. And i know games give you more hours for your money than movies but sometimes there are games that are just that bad and short that i feel like i've been robed

what do you guys think?

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