The PS3 trophies every self-respecting PS3 gamer should have

What makes a PS3 trophy essential? With an average of least fifty precious metals hiding somewhere in each game, that tinging noise sends us into treasure hunting mode like Drake when he sees jewellery that’s been around for a bit. But which PS3 trophies get you the ultimate gaming respect? Obviously the hundreds of hours that go into Skyrim trophies mean that you earn some kind of knighthood with every victorious addition to the cabinet even if you had to use a guide. The same goes for Uncharted as you hammer through the game on crushing difficulty to achieve that shining platinum. Read on for our choice picks of the essential trophies that every hardcore gamer should feel proud to display on that podium.

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MoreRPG2321d ago

looks like i'm not a self-respected gamer

MsclMexican2321d ago

At least you are sure what you are....

I only have 2 of 8 of these trophies( I'll take the physical challenge and perfect knight- day 2)

So I'm 1/4 of a self respecting gamer..

This system confuses me

iChii2320d ago

I don't have a single one of those trophies.


And not a single f*ck was given that day.

jahcure2320d ago

I have 31 platinums and only ONE from that list. The god of war one...

Who did this list? I'd rank the weapons one for FFXiii up there

Pushagree2321d ago

Agh I would have had the endangered species trophy, but I shot all the pigeons months before the trophy patch came out. I dont know why so many devs opted out of retroactivity.

SSKILLZ2320d ago

what ever i got all the trophies for destroying all demons in demons souls enough said.

t0mmyb0y2320d ago

I feel your tears friend :'(

Soldierone2321d ago

A Majority of these trophies are the reason i don't really care about platinums. It's like they put you on search mode to try and extend the game time of their game, when instead they could of made something challenging (like the lap time in Wipeout)

Trophies to me should be a challenge, not a chore. I understand mortal Kombat, (hey you will get it over time) there isn't much you can add to that, especially since they have trophies for challenging things already. But searching for things is my one pet peeve, especially when its just a shooter or something and the things are hidden in the most stupid of places....

At least Batman has riddles so that makes it a bit more fun. i just honestly hate when a game throws in finding crap for the hell of it (Call of Duty for example) come on.

Marceles2321d ago

I only have Beat Zico from Wipeout (which took 3 frustrating hours) and the God of War one. Some of those other big deal. A self respecting PS3 gamer should have an MK trophy? Pfff...I'm self respecting myself by not playing it

Pumbli2320d ago

Why do you say that? MK is an excellent game.

dragon822320d ago

MK is a fantastic goame.

dragonopt12321d ago

I don't give a crap about virtual trophies. I play games because I enjoy them and want to beat them. It's cool to see them as I go from start to end, but that's about it. Don't want to make a game I enjoy tedious.

Anon19742321d ago

Exactly. Self respecting gamers don't give a damn about arbitrary trophies or achievements. They have their place, but I'm not going to going let a virtual pat on the back dictate how I play a game. And that's something that any self respecting gamer should agree with.

trenso12320d ago

some self respecting gamers do care about trophies. maybe not all but i like to trophy hunt a game after ive finished it and, if i really enjoyed the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.