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jony_dols2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Me thinks that is the best live-action game trailer ever! Screw the game, I want the film!

Croash2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

As far as live-action game trailers go, this one is among the best. It's violent, it was nicely edited and it tells you all you need to know about the game's setting.
Vanquish also had a trailer as good as this one when it was revealed.

Unfortunately short movies like these or even CGI ones like Tomb Raider's "Turning Point" aren't getting the attention they deserve.
We get Resident Evil instead :/

I'm just glad Mortal Kombat will get the adaptation it deserves after Rebirth and Legacy.

On topic : Sleeping Dogs looks very promising but judging from the 4 screenshots I've seen, it needs a few tweaks graphics wise. Low res textures shouldn't exist on characters and the colors should be more vibrant (oddly enough, True Crime showed that in its screens).

Still, if the environments are big enough and the city isn't dead, it will be an enjoyable experience.
I just need to see this in action:

killerhog2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

They are calling it 'sleeping dogs'? Lol. Seems they are changing things around. If squareenix is smart, they'll keep it westernized so it won't scare off the fan base it already established (as true crime, but they already changed the tittle so there goes most its fans). Also knowing squareenix they'll add: androgynous characters, an unbelievable story, a simple gameplay mechanic, and more cutscenes than actual gameplay (which is what westerners DO NOT want). Not gonna get my hopes up for this game, square should just can it as I doubt the sales will be good in either territory. It's not Japanese so it won't sale good there, and square is changing things around so most western fans will look past it as not a "true crime" game. Square should of bought the name but I guess activision was smart to hold on to it.

Judging by the screenshots, it looked too Asian/cartoony (like yakuza) and I guess that's why activision dropped it. it would also make sense why they kept the 'true crime' name, they might take another stab at it but with a different developer.

TheGameFoxJTV2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

dude, it's what YOU don't want, don't bundle us with you A.D.D ridden gaming preference. XD, Also, a shit-ton of western games have long cutscenes and tons of dialogue. That's not exclusive to Japanese games.

ExCest2268d ago


it could be its own movie

jc485732268d ago

me want them to piss Activision off. Good idea!

killerhog2268d ago

It's not gonna sale, telling you that right now lol. Doesn't have true crime on the tittle (so there goes the majority of true crime fans), looks too Asian (and besides FF and metal gear what Asian games sell good in the west?), knowing square they're going to add things that westerners do not like etc.. Activision was smart holding on-to the name.

jc485732268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

not asian enough for me to be honest. a good way.

TheGameFoxJTV2268d ago

The game takes place in hong Kong, no shit it looks Asian. Also, since when do games only sell if True Crimes is in the name. Shit, if you hadn't been told this was the dropped True Crimes game, would you have even known it was? No, so if someone sees "Sleeping Dogs" will they instantly go "This is the dropped True Crimes"? No, they're gonna assume it's a new IP.

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