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The Playstation VITA could be set for tough UK launch if the Japan launch is anything to go by. We sent along reporter Jon Brady to get a hands on at a recent Vita Rooms event in Glasgow.

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bahabeast2328d ago

im in love with you vita baby jus come home 2 me

JSA-Gamer2328d ago

You know, you couldn't be more correct.

brish2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

... but vita will never love you back!

dcortz20272328d ago

I will love you, feel you, and touch you like no one ever has, or will!

TKCMuzzer2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

(referring to the article) Why do so many moan about the price? compared to an iPhone etc its a bloody bargain and won't be preceded by another with in twelve months. There is only one company grabbing peoples money but so many are sucked in their blind to the truth.

JSA-Gamer2328d ago

The Vita only does gaming and a spot of social media. Smartphones - not just iPhones - do high-quality 3D games and a lot more besides, and many are included free with phone contracts. The Vita's 3G requires an investment of a console, and the games are very expensive too.

MasterCornholio2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

You honestly believe that they give away high end smartphones for free with a contract? By looking at the incredibly expensive rates you actually end up paying a lot more than what the phone costs. My friend has an iPhone 4 and is on a 2 year contract and he pays 99€ a month for it. Which means that after 2 years he would have payed 2374.

See so in the end they never really give the phone to you for free unless it's a really bad one that barely does anything.


JSA-Gamer2328d ago

True, but - the contracts for the Vita will no doubt be remarkably similar. And who pays 99 euros a month for a contract?!

bahabeast2328d ago

i rather the vita over a smart phone anyday im currently useing a nokia 1200 and dnt charge it for days, my vita could be my media and gameing system on the go and a phone is onli for calling and txting sooo good luck with u smart phone guys

gtxgamer22328d ago

thank god its not the project MM is working on.. i woulda been disappointed.

gk072328d ago

does the vita play movies , or anything like that what about ,divx or xvid does it do any of that if so i want in till i find out this is still up in the air for me : ) : )