Famitsu software sales (1/30 - 2/5)

SoulCalibur V and Gran Turismo 5 Spec II make their first appearances on the Famitsu chart.

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Kurisu2292d ago

Good to see that Ragnarok Odyssey has got off to good start. Hope that game gets localised!

MasterCornholio2292d ago

It's nice to see a PSVita game in the top 10.
Even though resident evil is in second place I am a bit disappointed with its sales given the large 3DS base in Japan. I was expecting it to be another Super Mario 3D but I am guessing that lower than eexpected sales was due to the game launching outside of the holiday season.


ronin4life2292d ago

Were are you getting your numbers from? This article didn't post the actual numbers.
Furthermore, other sales trackers actually put RE at 1st by a decent margin, so I think famitsu is wrong here.