Videogamer Reviews Orange Box PS3(8/10)

Wesley Yin-Poole over at writes:

"Compared to the Xbox 360 game this PS3 port falls someway short. The biggest offender is the rather choppy frame rate during the three games in the Half-Life 2 story."

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paracardium3807d ago

Odd only time mine has a choppy framrate is when the quicksave kicks in. Other than that game is fine.

jackdoe3807d ago

I think the loading times are the biggest offender.

phoenixtilt3807d ago

i dont have a ps3 but the more we get this game out the.. (no matter if its pc ps3 or 360) the better chances we have to get another installment when it is ready..

jinn3807d ago

these games are getting on my nerves, there time is up and it's to move on