Video Games: More Gender Choice And New Ideas Needed

The video game industry is in a rut in regards of creative ideas and imagination. A rut it created for itself by doing something very stupid – catering only to males and creating the very silly notion that only males play video games. That rut has made video games hard to be accepted as an art form by those who regard movies and books as an art form, although writing is an art form anyway. It has gotten video games seen as immature, childish and pointless due to it being seen as a male only hobby.

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NSG2174d ago

I agree entirely. This has been an issue in the gaming industry for a while, innovation and also not thinking far enough ahead to consider that there are also females playing the games. I think some dev's have caught on, but it's a slow process.


Why does gender need to be even mentioned. i can or can't feck you up because i do or don't have a fanny or maybe a knob.

NSG2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Yeah, and from a males point of view that makes sense, because well-we don't have to think about it as most games are male leads.

Girl gamers I know don't complain about it, but have mentioned it. Why? Because well, it stands out to them as they are girls and may want to play as a girl. It's like asking a guy to always play as a girl-Nothing wrong with that, but you would say... Well hey, why can't I play as KRATOS THE GOD OF WAR instead of Layla The Graceful

Blaine2174d ago

Heavenly Sword? Female Kratos.

The majority of lead roles in TV and movies are also male, by the way. I don't have numbers so I can't say for sure, but I'd venture to say video games aren't very far behind in proportion.

This is just another article singling out video games to criticize when they aren't the only medium at fault.

Hazmat132174d ago

thats true like SR3 give females players to play as there own sex or gender. i wouldnt mind seeing seeing female avatars on MW3 or BF3 or something giving more choice of style ya know? i mean a hot chick holding a ACR or a woman driving a jeep with a jet passing by? thats epic!

DasTier2174d ago

How ever it's wouldn't works as women are not meant to be fighting on front lines, so unless bf3 and cod now have suburban kitchen themed levels....


Dev's need to understand that not all gamer's are male and give girl gamers their own shit.

madjedi2174d ago

Define what games girl gamers like then genius, is it my little pretty pony or gears of wars 3 extra gory edition.

Your as narrowminded as the author, what if girl gamers like games with big guns and explosions and gore or even a prodominatly male sport like racing or football.

That why i seriously doubt the author is even a gamer. Define the games you yourself like, and don't try to speak for others.

LX-General-Kaos2174d ago

There are plenty of roles for females in all forms of entertainment. The real question is are there enough girls that play videogames on that type of level to even take notice? When a girl has a leading role in a game do girls run out and buy that game? Do you know any girls that played heavenly sword or bayonetta?

Most of the girls that I know play Dance Central and MW3 no lie.

madjedi2174d ago

I know a few oblivion/fallout/rpg fanatics, but most other females i know, aren't really gamers, it's a nerd thing kinda.

LX-General-Kaos2174d ago

you are right. i do know a small handful that will jump onto oblivion.

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