TXB: MX vs ATV Untamed Review

Since the system's launch, one place there's been no shortage of releases on the Xbox 360 has been the race track. Still, despite the glut of racing games on store shelves, the majority of titles have stuck to the safety and comfort of the asphalt. Rainbow Studios and THQ have decided to stray off the beaten (and paved) path to bring the popular MX vs. ATV franchise to the Xbox 360 with MX vs. ATV Untamed.

7 out of 10

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eddierivera3812d ago

It doesnt bring any innovation cause its almost just like unleased,, but ive seen all the screenshots,, and played the demo,, and i think the reviewer gave this game an unfair rating,, it definatley looks next gen,, the graphics are awesome,, even to me, and im very hard to please when it comes to next gen graphics,, i havent played the hard copied game yet, i ordered it anyways,, cause it looks good from what i seen.