Vodafone’s 3G Vita Gives You WipEout 2048 for £5

Buying the 3G Vita from a Vodafone shop will also entitle you to a rather special deal for WipEout 2048 too...

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claterz2236d ago

Well that sucks, i though wipeout was given free when you topped up with a vodafone sim for the first time. and having to buy it from a vodafone shop makes it even worse, you'll get a better deal if you buy it from amazon and buy the game seperately.

claterz2236d ago

Oh wait, u get it when u top up £5 but u still have to buy it from vodafone :(

FriedGoat2236d ago

I was looking at that vita and I could have sworn the screen was smashed, on closer inspection its just wipeout at a funny angle.

farhad2k82236d ago

It says on the GAME websites description that you also receive the game if you buy the 3G version with them?
Can anyone confirm this?

I'm buying my 3G version from HMV.

Ddouble2236d ago

This website says select retailers so it might apply to GAME.

This might help as well.

I'm just going to wait since no one knows what's happening.

claterz2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

That's the problem pretty much everyone is having at the moment. Some GAME managers have said that vodafone sims won't be included in their versions. Also Sony customer services don't seem to have any idea either.

Also I think it's strange that we haven't heard official details of price plans for the Vodafone data plans yet. I'd really like to know how long a top-up lasts on a pay as you go sim (hopefully not just 30 days)

Pretty good thread here that's probably worth following if you want to find out what the hell is going on lol.

Half-Mafia2236d ago

We have some amazing deals for the Vita in the UK.

Ddouble2236d ago

Dissapointed. I thought it was for all 3G Vita's but this looks like it's only for those who bought directly from Vodaphone.