Mass Effect 3 Console Vault Revealed; Includes Free DLC

Calibur11 and Electronic Arts have today announced their collaboration for the release of the Mass Effect 3 Vault. This collector’s edition release will be available in March for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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klimkuz2175d ago

Bioware is taking DLC thing to a new level:
- pre-order DLC
- retailer DLC
- day one DLC
- ME dolls with DLC
- Other games with DLC

now xbox case with DLC... did I miss anything? If it will be like DA2 then we will have "Like FB page and get DLC", "subscribe for news letters and get DLC" and so on and so forth.

As someone posted on Bioware forums that soon they will simply split game into DLC and sell it peace by peace. Or as in the article at Escapist say:
"And with this, gentle readers, we have come full circle. Bioware is going to patch a book. It's now only a matter of time before they announce extra chapters as DLC."


krazykombatant2175d ago

This is absolute bullshit from BioWare...