Pre-order Gears of War 2

To add more fuel to the fire of Gears of War 2 Rumors CVG a respected gaming website has just posted this article.

CVG writes:

"It's been a while since we've run a story based on those online retailers jumping the gun and revealing an as yet unannounced title, so here goes nothing. Amazon's US website is listing Gears of War 2 for a November 15 release, 2008 on Xbox 360.

Now Microsoft or Epic haven't officially announced a sequel but even the man in the corner shop knows it's coming.

The fact that Amazon has listed the date as Nov 15 means that someone there knows a bit about video games, as the original launched around the same time in 2006 depending on where you live."

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predator3808d ago

just announce the dam thing epic, forget ut3 for the 360 this is the daddy now, 4 mill plus people are screaming for you to make gears 2 longer,bigger, faster and better, this will be one of the games of 2008 if released in that year.

ShiftyLookingCow3808d ago

and I am kind of glad its Amazon USA not Amazon UK. As UK stores are known to post crazy release dates and almost certainly wrong. I hope it does come in 2008.

predator3808d ago

yeah i know, but if CVG have posted it i thought it was news worthy, i can only just imagine what gears 2 will look and play like.


BLUR1113808d ago

oh god gears of war has to come out it will blow every game out the water.. I cant wait to see locust in that one!

narindp3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

if you want that then you should really be saying "screaming for you to make gears of war 2 exculsive for ps3" cuz it will never happen on the xbox 360 becasue it last gen

Halo3603808d ago

Ah, yet another ps3 fanboy pissed off because nothing on the ps3 can touch the original gears. Go find some games to play asswipe. Oh wait, you'd have to buy a 360 for that. Sorry.

vilmer3808d ago

More fun, less shine.

neogeo3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

3 - I remember epic saying they pushed 360 to the Max with Gears 1
"Preston Thorne claims Gears of War is as good as it gets for Microsoft’s console. “We pushed the 360 to the limits,” Thorne said at Wednesday night’s launch"

Gears 2 may be a good game but don't expect much more then what you have already seen. I'll stick with PS3.

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Multigamer3808d ago

yes, forget killzone 2, this game will own all in 2008.

gears = New King

ktchong3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

they should time this to coincide with the release of Killzone 2.

Gears of War 2 will "kill" Killzone 2, just like Halo 2 "killed" the original Killzone (which were released in the same week.)

jiggyjay3808d ago

M$ doesnt' need an answer for KZ2 because like i've been saying KZ2 will become just like Lair.. Beautiful game but crappy gameplay.. Mark my words!

solidt123808d ago

I agree tha MS should anounce it right before Killzone 2 gets released or at E3, but it will not effect Killzone 2 at all since it is on a different system and PS3 players will not be buying Gears 2 anyway unless you are like me and have both. Either way they are coming out at different times and i will be buying both. I can't wait for Gears of War 2. Gears is the reason I own 360. Anounce it during the Killzone 2 launch and ride on it's coat tail. This way both games will get alot of hype and be all over the news. I can't wait to see the first trailer for Gears 2. Gears is still the best game on the PS3 in my opinion, Bioshock comes in 2nd.

Foo Skeptic3808d ago

I would need to save money =D , Kill Zone and Gears of War, both games are GREAT, I cannot wait any longer for its sequels.
If you have not played any of these games, what are you waiting for?

wageslave3808d ago

Killzone 2 is a totally unknown game.

Killzone 1 has a metacritic score of 7/10. Hardly a "hit" title, it didnt really sell that well (only two million copies from 2004 till now...). Then, Sony releases some very very (doctored?) shots from KZ2, and the PS3 fans now identify it as a sure-fire, must-have game.

There is *NO* reason to think it wont be just another mediocre game. No reason at all... *except* for wishful thinking by PS3 owners.

Wait until we hear some previews from someone that has actually PLAYED KZ2. The developer, Guerrilla Games has only ever made ONE game, Killzone 1 -- and again, it was mediocre.

The expectations over KZ2 are *TOTALLY* unwarranted and unfounded expectations.

Gears ON THE OTHER HAND, is the exact opposite.

poopface13808d ago

FPS are my favorite games by far ever since I was little and played doom at a friends house and they had a mod where you shoot barny the purple dinosour. I had ps1 and ps2. Played the demo for killzone and it was pooor. So many games were way better at the time and it just was not interesting in the least. Also dualshock same-as-ps1 controlers are not good for fps in my opinion ( yea I know there a little different). I think that many of the people who say 360 is crap because it has so many shooters are all the same people who think this game is a hopeful, because they obviously dont know much about FPS games. If your like me and you want some quality shooters you probaly have a 360 and not a ps3.

MADGameR3807d ago

In terms of graphics, MAYBE Gears of War II will surpass anygame BUT Crysis, but in terms of storyline? PFFFT it can't touch Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, DMC4,etc. How do I know this? From experience! FPS games always have crappy storylines.

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power of Green 3808d ago

If true I wonder if others know about it and if so I wonder if the delays had something to do with Sony realeasing games late in 2008 assuming anything I just posted is true.

Multigamer3808d ago

this would be sony's worst nightmare, gears (a powerhouse of a game, up there with the likes of halo as system sellers) up against and game that is all hype and the last one was all bull to play, with ms marketing and cliffy b and epic behind gears then there will be only one winner

Gears of War 2

Noodlecup3808d ago

Killzone, Gears and Halo are all boring shooters with nice graphics overshadowing games which are actually good. As far as visuals though Killzone really takes the crown.

solidt123808d ago

I disagree. I think all three of these are the few that aren't boring because all of them have interesting story with them that makes me want play them all to get the whole story.