Hands on with MoGo Mouse X54: works with Sony PS3

PS3 owners will know of some games that would be much better played with a mouse and the X54 does it just fine and connects in seconds. MoGo Mouse X54 easily converts into a remote control that lets users wirelessly play, pause, previous track, next track and adjust volume on a variety of media devices. And since MoGo Mouse X54 stores and automatically charges in your laptop, it's the perfect tool when you want to take your media on the go.

If you're looking for a portable mouse and do not mind it being very tiny then the MoGo X54 is ideal, also PS3 console gamers can benefit from this mouse thanks to the easy to set up Bluetooth. It's simple to use, compact, professional and does the job with ease. The only problem we found would be for people with big hands.

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mighty_douche3780d ago

its ugly as hell and any wireless mouse works with the PS3 already. I have a logitech G7, plugged in the USB dongle and it worked instantly.

Skerj3780d ago

It's cool that it works for the system but it looks REALLY cumbersome and uncomfortable, so I'll stick with my logitech stuff.

ravinash3780d ago

But its not going to be this one.