Quantic eyes Hollywood A-list for Heavy Rain

French developer Quantic Dream has told that it intends to secure some of the biggest names in Hollywood for its upcoming PlayStation 3 title, currently known as Heavy Rain.

With a new in-house motion capture studio, the Fahrenheit developer believes that it can successfully portray actor's emotions – not just physical movement – with actors now interested in the script and story behind the game rather than worrying about the technology.

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sonarus3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Quantic dream really seem ambitious with their new title. Toss in a bunch of well known actors behind a great game and that should easily get some sales. I Wonder if sony pictures will flex some of its muscle in securing some of these actors for their exclusive? Another ps3 exclusive hitting that is expected in 2008. They jst keep coming and coming. Am sure msoft still has more up their sleeves but the thing is so does sony. Its becoming quite clear that sony has the upper hand nxt yr at least when it comes to quantity of games quality will be accessed when the games are actually out. Only game i can instantly vouch for is mgs4 i can pretty much stake my ps3 and my 360 on mgs4 being 2008 game of the yr.

predator3625d ago

i dont know much about this game, ill have to keep an eye out on it

Skerj3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

If this game is half as good as Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy we have a supreme winner. If it's better (which I believe it will be) then well then there's something special in store for us all. My only worry with this news is that they'll get someone that does a performance like Kristen Bell in Assassin's Creed. Her voice work sounded like she was vigourously reading a script, and the character model looked wildly out of place with everyone else. The face was just generically texture mapped with a blank expression that stayed the entire game, giving it this creepy mannequin look.

If they're using real actors I hope they turn in the performances of Heavenly Sword and not the norm "hey wez gots a real live movie person in our game!!" fair that is usually prevalent in games.

mighty_douche3625d ago

Fahrenheit was great (although i think a little rushed at the end) and i think this titles gonna be bigger and better in everyway! hopefully... o_O

Skerj3625d ago

Hah yeah you could tell from the last 3rd of the game they got rushed or a management switch occurred or something. I literally shouted "what THE F---!?" when I got to that point in the game. I'd be more specific but I don't want to spoil it for anyone, those who've played it know what we're talking about though.

Skerj3625d ago

Hah I just reread the postmortem of the game again, fortunately David Cage agrees with us. So Heavy Rain shouldn't suffer any of the things we disliked in Fahrenheit.

Snippet from "What Went Wrong":

"I made the mistake of not devoting enough time to the last hour of the game. I was convinced (and rightly so) that the first hour of the game would be decisive for hooking the player, but I naively thought that one hour from the end the player's opinion would be made. I therefore devoted most of my time to the rest of the game in order to make it as perfect as possible."

Full article:

It's pretty eye opening and speaks well for the next game. Seeing that they not only learn from their mistakes but want to improve upon their successes helps assure me that this will be one of the best titles in '08.

atke car3625d ago

Fahrenheit is the best.

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gunnerforlife3625d ago

a swear when i fisrt watched the the clip of heavy rain, shivers came down my sspine at how good the it was:D this game will def be on my most wanted list if 08

Multigamer3625d ago

all ive seen is CGI, when i actually see in game footage then you can say wow

Skerj3625d ago

That footage you saw was actually all realtime, albeit very much so scripted but realtime nontheless.

Multigamer3625d ago

yeah ive heard that before to, intill i see them actually controling the chartacter then il pass judgement, i do this on all games

allforcalisto3625d ago

thats what was so impressive.

the reason it looked so WOW is 'cause they've invested in new technology themselves. Top of the line motion capture kits.

when theys showed it it was running on playstation 3 hardware.

They've developed an engine capable of hyper real graphics and physics.

I've played indigo prophecy/fareinheitt. Heavy rain is going to be huge, not in the selling sense(hopefully i'm wrong). But along with little big planet they'll probably give gamers something actually new.
Hopefully guys like egbert will take games seriously after Heavy rain.

it'll be interesting to see if the uninformed public who may have dabbled in games here n there(wii) take note of heavy rain because its maturity and its "actors".

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