What Makes A Gamer: Rage Quitting [eGamer]

eGamer tries to define What Makes A Gamer by adding Rage Quitting to the list of things gamers do.

Rage quitting is an essential part to gaming, and this makes you a gamer.

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MidnightSpecial2328d ago

Somewhat disagree here. Being a gamer is more about building skills and persevering rather than going radge and quitting.

FullMetalAdam2328d ago

Hi, this article is part of a series of articles called "What Makes A Gamer" on the eGamer site. Arguably so, rage quitting is still one of the many facets of being a gamer who games. It is part of the experience be it you rage quitting, or some other gamer.

WolfLeBlack2328d ago

I'd have to disagree to a point. Rage quitting, in my view, is not part of being a gamer as I know many people who've been gaming for years that have never rage quit.

It's arguably part of the culture and a common occurence, but I wouldn't call it a defining feature of a gamer, especially as this piece states that rage quitting is part of ever gamer. Really? :D

To me there is only one single thing that defines a gamer: a love of games.

FullMetalAdam2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Well, culture is a factor which defines identity. Therefore if rage quitting is a cultural artifact then following this line of argument it is undeniably connected to being a gamer. A culture is a shared thing, not in isolation. Whether a gamer rage quits or not is not the point. It's that the act of rage quitting is a part of gaming culture, and in process gamers.

WolfLeBlack2327d ago

Thanks for the reply, sir, it's nice to talk to somone on here that doesn't throw a hissy-fit when someone posts a counter argument :)

To that I'd have to respond that while rage quitting can be classed as part of the culture, that doesn't mean it defines it, just like Achievements are part of the culture but do not define gaming or gamers as a whole. For example I am Scottish, and a kilt is part of my culture, but that does not truly define me nor the Scottish.

Of course you could then argue that a gamer is defined by a combination of many such things, including Achievements and rage quitting, yet that makes it a rather vague definition indeed as not everybody experiences those things. And why over-complicate the answer?

The there's the question of whether you could actually class gamers as having a culture or not. That's a tough one.

But the article is looking at what defines a gamer, not a culture, so that makes things a little trickier. The article states that rage quitting is a part of every gamer, which is a rather lofty assumption, and in my own experience there aren't actually that many rage-quitters out there - they're just more noticable than those that don't.

Hopefully you can see what I'm getting at here as putting it into text is rather tricky, as is attempting to put the concept into words as it's a far more complex issue than all this. Ultimately, though, I feel like the articles are trying to overcomplicate something that doesn't need to be, though I also understand perfectly what the author, which I assume is you, is saying. While I don't agree with it, that doesn't mean it's not a fine read.