Gaming for N00bs: Hey, Lana Del Rey -- It’s not the video game; it’s you

Being passionate about video games and being passionate in your personal relationships are not mutually exclusive. So many people seem to think that men who game are helpless saps: Madden has trapped him on the couch, and he’d love to snuggle and whisper sweet nothings if only he could get rid of that surgically attached controller without too much pain! But the video game isn’t the culprit; that idea is patronizing. If an adult wants to game, let him game -- and if an outside party with cart blanche to leave doesn't like it, that's her problem.

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FinaLXiii2321d ago

Its always about her isnt it...haha FU lady.

koehler832321d ago

So much for my blissful ignorance regarding this person.

LightofDarkness2321d ago

To me she just sounds like a heroin wraith that wakes periodically to touch a piano and vomit lyrics. Don't believe the hype, I say.

Pintheshadows2321d ago

She was on Jonathan Ross a few weeks ago and I just sat there open mouthed. She was awful. She wasn't even singing. She was just making weird groaning sounds.

Although i've mainly been listening to the new Lamb of God and Bleeding Through so maybe i'm not her target market.

bobrea2321d ago

The new Lamb of God is awesome. Way better than I was expecting.

VTKC2321d ago

contradicting really. If a guy played that much videogames-then he wouldnt have a girlfriend. Girls dont date/interested in guys who play video games to that extent.