Bioshock: Infinite Ending A Secret To Everybody


It often seems inevitable that the secret ending of any big game will leak and ruin the experience for many players. Some internet denizens even make a game of finding cunning ways to expose others to the endings of games, such as the famous "Snape kill Dumbledore" prank (and later, meme). Ken Levine wishes for no such fate to come to his new work, Bioshock: Infinite. In keeping with that hope, he is withholding information on the story's conclusion from everybody - even members of the Bioshock: Infinite team.

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m2stech2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Hmmm...The sea, the sky...I guess the next Bioshock is in space!

Pintheshadows2353d ago

System Shock has already done it. Although a remake would be nice.

NukaCola2353d ago

Im guessing it now. Elizabeth will open a tear into Rapture and the Big Daddy will battle the song bird.