First look at Google Maps on PS Vita 1.60 update

Product-Reviews writes: For those of you wondering – yes, it is Google Maps. Sony has just called it Maps, but when you open the app up for the first time you’ll have to read a standard Google Maps agreement and if you have the 3G Vita, you can enable location data as well so the app can find where you are. As for the app, it generally works pretty well, although it is a bit sluggish when searching for locations. The app features directions for either walking or driving, but unfortunately there is no Google Street View support, or voice-based directions yet. Hopefully these will come in a future update.

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tr00p3r2205d ago

It's not as smooth as iOS or Android..but it does the job.

GribbleGrunger2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

and the point being? oh i forgot, the internet has taught you to compare Vita with iOS and Android

dark-hollow2203d ago

Just for comparison sake because it's the same app?

For me I don't care because am getting the wifi version.

Series_IIa2203d ago

Gribble, why are you making it a personal mission to bite the head of anyone who says anything remotely negative about the Vita?

You need to get out more seriously, every article you are there moaning at someone...

kattie002203d ago

When is google 3D launching. I sawn an iphone app about it at

bahabeast2203d ago

i dnt care about this map it is a nice addition 2 the system but i could care less

redDevil872203d ago

You mean you "couldn't care less"? Right?

Knushwood Butt2203d ago

It's odd how that phrase was somehow changed, as, 'could care less', really doesn't make sense in that context, but then again, many languages have similar examples.

bahabeast2203d ago

yes redDevil i couldnt care less since you wana jus reply 2 me but not the article.