Shank 2 is it a Great Sequel? | ESG

Gator writes: "On August 24, 2010 the world was introduced to the bad-ass known as Shank. I remember seeing this game at E3 and they not announcing what platform it would be on and I was eager to play it as they showed the preview of this character picking apart enemies fluidly. I couldn't wait to see what combo's I could break out with this new character. Now its 2012 and Shank 2 has come out, and again I found myself wanting to see what new weapons I could use to fight of the next wave of idiots that think they can take down Shank. "

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MmaFan-Qc2263d ago

i got the first game but stopped to play at maybe 50% of the game since it lost my interests, but i will admit the graphic style and animations are awesome.

i might get the sequel if i see it on sale