TLR: SoulCalibur V Review

Amir of TLR Writes "It’s too bad SC5 is missing local modes from the fourth version as well. This is still a solid entry in the series but the next title really needs to bring it."

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CC-Tron2229d ago

I prefer SC4 over SC5. SC5 feels rushed with the lack of single player content. It also still runs off the disc extensively when it's installed on the xbox 360 hard drve (the first game I've seen do this). SC5 has some bright spots like the character creation mode but it's a mess of a game over all.

bacrec12229d ago

I did notice the install issue as well.

CC-Tron2229d ago

Yeah. It's definitely not worth possibly ruining the 360 dvd drive. Namco definitely dropped the ball with this game. I'm sorry I bought it.