Kinect Star Wars Available for Pre-order, Priced at $49.96

"The highly anticipated Kinect Star Wars went up for pre-order this evening on for the retail price of $49.96.

Kinect Star Wars is set to release on April 3, 2012."

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Tanir2173d ago

Lol at who ever buys this lol.

Zentrix2173d ago

that seems so much for what seems to be so little content

dazzrazz2173d ago

50 bones for a game on rails... that's a good question who would pay so much for so little, but we all know there are some star wars freaks (aka fans) and collectors out there :)

jetlian2173d ago

its more than just on rails

NoobJobz2173d ago

I may give it a rent since they delayed the game. I'm hoping the delay meant they worked on it and improved it because from the videos I've watched, it hasn't been anything special. Delay might have helped it.