Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review (COIN-OP TV)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is everything a sequel should be. Square Enix took the best parts about Final Fantasy XIII – battle system and character models – improved upon them and dropped the most troublesome aspects – linear story progression and annoying characters – in order to rework and strengthen the game. While not perfect, Final Fantasy XIII-2 goes a long way to rectify the negativity of the critics and the feelings of hatred brought on by the fans for its predecessor.

The game is not without its faults. The story is convoluted and even when you think you understand, sometimes you wonder why you spent the time figuring it out. I’m not saying to ignore the story, just don’t kill your brain cells in an attempt to comprehend everything. Another complaint is the load screens. Being able to jump in and out of different timelines using the Historia Crux is great, but your momentum and game play experience are severely hampered when you have to wait for a world to load up. There have...

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