Canadian Retailer hints that God of War IV will be announced this Friday at Destination Playstation

Canadian Retailer FS Gamer, the same source who leaked the Little Big Planet Kart racing earlier today, answered a fans question on twitter about the possibility of God of War IV being announced at the Destination Playstation event.

UPDATE: The question and answer have both been taken down from twitter!

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Abash2350d ago

I hope so! I cant wait for the next God of War :)

Surfaced2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

I've kinda had enough. I wish Santa Monica (and Guerrilla for that matter) would make some exciting new IPs.

salinidus2350d ago

there is some composer who has god of war 4 on his resume

SSKILLZ2350d ago

you cant deny kratos another god of war title or else !!

Ezio20482350d ago


Ezio20482350d ago

i would go home doing "moonwalk" from my office if GOW IV gets announced!

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Pintheshadows2350d ago

I'd do that but the pavements are icy and I struggle to walk in a straight line, let alone moonwalk. A fistpump will have to suffice.

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The story is too old to be commented.