PS3 System Software Update v4.10 Live Now: PC Download Link Here

PS3 System Update 4.10 is live now. Download link and info available here

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kc_chang2175d ago

The web browser works great.

Intentions2175d ago

I agree.

Finally they took it in consideration to fix/improve. Better late than never right?

LOL_WUT2175d ago

The system software update is taking forever guess ill just have to wait.

Cra2yey32175d ago

It isn't live in Jersey...

ftwrthtx2175d ago

The download links are in the story. Click through.

Wario74142175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

just did the update. they finally fixed the stone age browser. been a long time since I actually liked a update. ps3 value just went up. posted this from my ps3. how about that =)

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The story is too old to be commented.