Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Will Conquer The Vita Platform

The Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima never fail to surprise us by tweeting these photos of the new game or should I say an existing game that will be ported on the PS Vita platform and that’s the Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD Edition

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bahabeast2322d ago

i love it, more vita sales the better

grishamist2322d ago

true... just to give the gamer a HD level of games... :)

darthv722321d ago

cross platform play would be a nice bonus as well.

frankiebeans2321d ago

imo this is the only game i would want for vita right now, it would be even better if i never played any of the metal gear games tho.

Horny2321d ago

Wait hold up I only see 2 and 3, where is peace walker?

ginsunuva2321d ago

You can play psp games on vita.

Horny2321d ago

I know that but why not include it in the collection