PlayStation Vita Games Are Up On US PSN

Chris writes: "You have to do some digging, but vita games are on the US store right now. Just search for some of the launch games you want and they might be there. If you are someone who imported and want to play some games in English or perhaps you just want to be ready for launch. Get on the store and download away."

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Misterhbk2023d ago

Okay, I'll be hopping on PSN within the hour to search for escape plan. The only issue is will we be able to transfer them over? So far I've had no luck transferring US PSP titles to my Vita since they're not available yet. Would be pointless to download now, only to not be able to transfer them over.

Misterhbk2023d ago


To anyone with a Vita already the games will indeed transfer over to a US account! Time to nab escape plan! I'm so excited! Ahhhhhh!

remanutd552023d ago

Escape Plan is not there yet , why ????

remanutd552023d ago

holy crap is true !!!! i just bought wipeout 2048 for $35.99 , download is about 1.6 gb

shoddy2023d ago

Cool I'm getting marvel vs capcom and waiting for streetfighter X tekken.

f7897902023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Ummm... the physical copy for Wipeout 2048 is $29.99 on Amazon.

remanutd552023d ago

yea i've seen that already , does it come with the online pass ? i thought the game was supposed to be $39.99

UltimateIdiot9112023d ago

It's cheaper on Newegg and Amazon. It should come with the online pass since it's new. Wouldn't make sense to sell a new game without it.

Anyway, I'll end up getting my copy of HSG before my Vita arrives. So I'm good.

GraveLord2023d ago

All new games come with an online pass lmfao.

MasterCornholio2023d ago

And some online passes come with expiring dates (looks at EA)


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Jac5al2023d ago

Uncharted Golden Abyss is $49.99 and a 3.2gb DL.

Neo Nugget2023d ago

No discount on Uncharted? :O

Jac5al2023d ago

Doesn't look like it. Might be a mistake, who knows.

MVPuNV2023d ago

Yep. Just confirmed it. No discount for Uncharted... but Wipeout 2048 is discounted @ 35.99

Mikhail2023d ago

So i can use my ps3 as a backup drive.Then, ps3 owners can buy the 4gb or 8gb for saves and a game or two. Am i right?

Neo Nugget2023d ago

You can, though if you're buying digitally, I would go for the bigger cards just for the convenience of never switching cards.

Otherwise, you might as well just buy retail.

(Of course, this is a great idea if you don't wanna splurge on a 32gig card now, which is totally understandable.)

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The story is too old to be commented.