Big Expectations For "I Am Alive"

Velocity Gamer: Why I Am Alive should succeed and how it can raise the bar for downloadable gaming.

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dirthurts2355d ago

I'm looking forward to this one. Something a little different. Can't believe it's an XBLA game though.

BldyShdw2355d ago

Don't forget the PSN! or SEn...or something :)

But yeah I don't generally get excited for downloadable games but this looks great.

Winkle922355d ago

Yeah I was really surprised when I saw it was downloadable. Any idea of pricing yet?

Eiffel2355d ago

$15, fair price point.

Blaine2355d ago

I think it was originally supposed to be a full retail release, but Ubi didn't think it would stack up, so they downgraded.

Does look very promising for a downloadable game, I agree.

I hope it delivers though. I was looking forward to Amy too, which also looked very promising in trailers, but I feel I dodged a bullet not getting that one!

Pintheshadows2355d ago

Amy was awful, but, I feel that Ubi might nail this. They've had enough time.

2353d ago