Top Five - Things in Gaming That Need to Go

Pedantic Gamers: Being gamers for a long time means that we begin to notice patterns in what developers create. Sometimes, these creations are good, and sometimes…well, not so much! This list is to discuss the top five things in gaming that need to go; preferably in the upcoming generation.

And now, onto the list…

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Jirachi2353d ago

I agree with number one motion controls need to go there's a reason dual analogs have been going strong for 20 plus years the set up works well. motion controls are no where near as accurate as standard controls.

MidnightSpecial2353d ago

Motion control is still very young tech though. I think there's untapped potential there

Jirachi2353d ago

that's sorta the point until they get motion to work right i don't want it sky ward was a step in the right dirrection but the motion controls can some times be too accurate and sometimes not enough.
while it's true that da and key board and mouse also have issuses there issuses aren't as frequent.
like the article said i don't mnd motion controls but the should be optional as long as games are gonna force themi don't want them. as soon as devs make games that use both i'll embrace them.

CarlitoBrigante2352d ago

Give me a controller over motion control anyday. One of the reason why I didnt like the Wii this gen.

When I come home after a hard day I want to relax and sit on the coutch, not swing my hands like a mofo.

The motion controls in Skyward Sword sucked, it was difficult to master the controls while those controls couldve worked with a friggin normal controller.

mkgt212352d ago

when I first read 20 plus years, i immediately wanted to correct you, but thankfully I looked it up and now can prevent making an ass out of myself.

in fact single analog was around for 30.

Jirachi2351d ago

dual analog was first added to ps one that came out in 1995 so you would of been right to call me on that 17(and even then ps 1 didn't analogs until later on) years is not twenty years plus and analog coming out 30 years ago is including the fact that atari had an analog,right?

mkgt212349d ago

ya atari and arcades had analog 30 years ago.

Son_Lee2352d ago

Motion controls should always be optional, in my opinion.

hellzsupernova2352d ago

I have no problem with a morality system it can help shape your character like in ME how your Shepard changes with the decisions plus the decisions have an impact.

As long as the game gives me a good storyline i have no issues with the setting, but god please get rid of escort missions they can get super frustrating especially with bad AI

thedude442352d ago

teh sales fad
a certain shooter game
overpriced games.

theeg2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

more like


2-peer to peer servers


4-sub-hd games

5-$60 games

6-15-30 frame per second games.

hopefully many of these are addressed next gen, the pc only suffers from the first of the problems but man it is annoying (any decent rig from the last 4 years that is, if you try to play modern games on a crap system, you will have all these problems and more).

LX-General-Kaos2352d ago

I agree with everything you said.

Abdou232352d ago

@ theeg
Totally agree.

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