Review- Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear (XBLA DLC)

Iron Brigade is a game with a rich history. That history involves a plethora of fun, customization, shots fired, explosions, lawsuits, name changes, and now, a chapter about bears in outer space. Rise of the Martian Bear is the first downloadable content to be released for Iron Brigade, Double Fine Productions’ take on tower defense originally released in June of last year.

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randomlyrossy2500d ago

Great review of a great piece of DLC.

Kramerica132500d ago

Nice review. I've only played a couple levels of Martian Bear so far, but I'm already loving it.

girlfrommars2500d ago

Nice review. Might pick this up.

RyanReynoldsIII2500d ago

To my knowledge, Double Fine hasn't done more than one DLC package for any of their games but we can hope Iron Brigade is the first.