Trouble in Skyloft: Where is Skyward Sword's Content?

Zelda Informer addresses the elephant in the room regarding The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's promised "tons of content": it doesn't exist.

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Lord_Sloth2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

*continues playing OoT and MM*

mike1up2354d ago

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are also my top 2. However, I am proud to say that Skyward Sword is safe at the number 3 spot.

--Onilink--2355d ago

true... still an amazing game and one of the best this gen. Lets hope this is part of the lessons they take to make the next game even better

mike1up2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I think that it is unfair and pointless to separate "content" from presentation/context. Imo Skyward Sword has great content, and you could not ask for a better stage.

1. You are the first Hero.
2. The creation of the legendary Master Sword.
3. The Legendary Triforce Temple (How could the author not like this? I have been waiting for this since Ocarina of Time!)

Imo Skyward Sword was intended to be presented like a movie. It is a perfect marriage to the motion controls. You are immersed, and the game unfolds like a story book.