David Jaffe Defends "Misogynistic" Statement on Twitter

David Jaffe is in the news a lot today. Not only is he leaving the developer he helped found, Eat Sleep Play, but he also engaged in a war of words on Twitter with some industry journalists and fans.

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PamPoovey2418d ago

People just like to take things and exaggerate them

I'll be honest the whole "GF BJ" thing was funny as immature as it may be.

Hating on women......really ¬¬

I wouldn't go that far

Entropic2418d ago

Yea, I think I would agree. I think it was partially taken out of context by the editing of the GT interview, and partially just a bit of a gaff. I don't think Jaffe hates women at all... but his choice of words in this case probably weren't the best.

indiejones2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I think the comments were taken out of context by a lot of people but it definitely was a silly way to market the game.

LX-General-Kaos2418d ago

What would have been the outcome if Cliffy B had said this stuff?