Advanced Tactics: The Search For A Smarter Military Shooter

GameInformer: Military shooters have a long and venerable history in video games. Before Call of Duty and Battlefield began their war for complete market domination, smaller series like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and SOCOM provided different takes on digital warfare. These series differentiated themselves – and the military shooter genre – from other FPS franchises like Quake and Halo by emphasizing strategy and realism. Forgoing roller-coaster spectacle and nonstop action, they presented gamers with a pseudo-authentic military experience where every shot counted and tactics played a larger role in the outcome of a mission than itchy trigger fingers.

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ATi_Elite2352d ago

If you want more realism in your shooter than these are the 4 to get and play.

These titles are for the HARDCORE shooter fan who understands that one bullet can send you to the graveyard so all you Rambos need not apply!

Arma II is imply the best and most realistic shooter ever. the vehicles, weapons, physics, ballistics, the tactics, the tools for strategy, scale of the game is second to none.

Nothing is better than Arma II except for the upcoming Arma III which takes it all to new levels.

Red Orchestra 2 is hands down the greatest WWII shooter ever! It's gritty, realistic, and painfully fun. So realistic that my butt starts to hurt and i can smell diesel fuel when i'm in the tank. I love shooting a wooden fence to splinters and then seeing a Russian soldier fall to his death. No other game provides that much realism.

Counter Strike is like the granddaddy of them all and is played by gamers with over 10 years experience in the game but luckily it has a skill ladder so noobs never play with hardcore Vets.

America's Army 3 is pretty dam realistic for a free game. along the lines of Arma II but just way way smaller scale and matches are shorter.