GameStop drops 3DS price to $150 right before Vita launch, is this going to happen everywhere?

Nintendo’s 3DS had a rocky start, but following a crazy huge price cut, it not only got back on track but performed better in eight months than the DS did in its first year. Thanks to the lower price and giant releases like Mario Kart and Monster Hunter 3G in Japan, the 3DS has been trouncing the Vita on a weekly basis in the island nation. Obviously Nintendo wants to repeat that success in the US, perhaps using shocking price reductions, at least if one GameStop listing is anything to go by.

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Ulf2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Wow. Why would they do that? Sounds like they are intentionally trying to reduce Vita sales. Do they prefer 3DS used sales to Vita used sales?

...or maybe a pre-E3 clearance, on single-analog 3DS units??

brish2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Sony is trying to promote digital downloads for games which means less used sales for the vita.

I'm guessing Gamestop is doing this because it's possible to sell 3ds games used so they want the 3ds to win in the portable market.

MmaFan-Qc2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

this news is funny to me because im trading my 3ds tommorow while it still have some value, the credits are going directly on my ps vita.

i just cant support the shitty 3d effect anymore, im loosing the 3d effect and see double everytime i slightly move the angle of the 3ds...wich happen ALL THE FCKN TIME when im playing a game on it, its just too anoying for me, sry nintendo but i will have to give the ambassador certificate back so you can shove it up your ass.

Neko_Mega2208d ago

Where did you get "digital downloads" from?

Vita uses card games, pretty much like the 3DS. Their is some download games you can buy but that is about it and you can play some of the old PSP download games on the Vita.

VINNIEPAZ2208d ago

"i just cant support the shitty 3d effect anymore, im loosing the 3d effect everytime i slightly monve the angle of the 3ds...wich happen ALL THE FCKN TIME when im playing a game on it."

Umm, you know you can just the 3D OFF right?

MmaFan-Qc2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )


then... what's the point to own a 3ds when its simply a nds?

the whole selling point of the 3ds IS the 3d, without it, its not a 3ds, its a .... S

i was sold on the console, but after owning it since the launch date, i just cant handle it anymore, im almost swearing at it everytime im using it ffs... so its time to stop, get rid of it....and move on.

klecser2208d ago

The 3DS is not a DS with 3D. If you think you "have to" turn on 3D to make it a unique console then you probably should sell it. You'll be missing out on Revelations though. Fabulous game.

Waddy1012208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

@Neko_Mega All Vita games will be released simultaneously on the Playstation Store and at Retail via cartridge based media. That's where he got it from.

brish2208d ago

'Where did you get "digital downloads" from?'

From this site. There have been a few articles about how Sony is going to sell downloaded games for less on psn than you can get at retail. These will be available the same time that you can get them at retail.

Here is one article:

Just go to the search button on the top right (the magnifying glass) and do a news search for "vita download". There are tons of articles on this topic.

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dark-hollow2209d ago

I know the vita is NOT overpriced in any way imaginable, but I think Sony have to bite the bullet and cut the price.
I know that they already are selling it for lost but think about it:

Cheaper vita= more sales = more software sold = more memory cards sold.
So Sony can afford the price cut if they had huge software sales and memory cards sold.

gamingdroid2208d ago

Compared to the competition, I think the Vita is overpriced now!

Man the Vita is facing some stiff competition, first smart phones/tablets and now a very cheap 3DS.

This is capitalism at it's finest....

Waddy1012208d ago

The vita isn't overpriced. It's expensive hardware with an expensive pricetag.

MultiConsoleGamer2209d ago

This is more of Iwata's secret price drop strategy. Cost of goods on 3DS is $100. Retailers are getting a big cut of the 3DS pie, which is strange because usually they don't make much on hardware. Most of their profits come from software.

Shok2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Damn Nintendo, give the Vita some breathing room. The system really needs to have a successful launch out here.

Squatch832208d ago

This is a tactic Sony has done before, so im glad its getting used back on them :)

bergoo2208d ago

It's not Nintendo who dropped the price, its gamestop.

-Alpha2208d ago

This is such a good price, I really cannot resist... but there are so many good games I'm occupied with at the moment, so I'll probably continue to wait for even better deals.

I don't think this will be a universal price drop because Nintendo is doing really well and I don't see the Vita challenging them until the Vita gets bigger games. But it's definitely very tempting

gamingdroid2208d ago

I wonder if this is a strategy to combat the "come in to GameStop to try out the new Vita" from Nintendo?

Anyhow, I think the 3DS is selling so well after the price drop and the game releases, that it seems unnecessary. Especially since the Vita has already had plenty of aggressive promotions to move units so it seems it isn't selling as strong as it could.

BrutallyBlunt2208d ago

This is a bold move. Those who buy Vita are likely to also buy Uncharted. With just that one game you are at $300 with just the base model. Add a required memory card and it's now closer to $400 after taxes kick in.

rezzah2208d ago

Buy a bundle, Best Buy at Canada offered 1st edition with Uncharted.

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