Square Enix Publisher Sale On Xbox Live Includes Deus Ex DLC, Lots of Add-Ons

There is currently a Square Enix publisher sale happening on Xbox Live and you can expect to find a ton of stuff on sale this week. The sales range from Just Cause 2 being 25% off to 50% off on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC ‘The Missing Link’.

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TrendyGamers2172d ago

There is another Square Enix Xbox Live post but it only lists 2 of the more than 15 deals happening in the sale, so this is the complete lists of games and add-ons for sale.

Apocwhen2171d ago

Hope they bring this sale to the PS3 Store soon. I've been holding off on the DLC for Deus Ex for this.

clarkjudo2171d ago

The DLC, The Missing Link is an great way to add more great experience. You simply make a save in the campaign then play the DLC and after the DLC is done. Pick up where you left off. Select the loaded saved game in the campaign. Yes, it adds to the experience so that you will not mind playing four more times. :)