Curt Schilling: Lifelong Gamer Continues to Live Out His "Fantasy"

Huffington Post: Before he threw his last pitch on Sept. 25, 2007 in a Red Sox uniform, pitching ace Curt Schilling already had an idea what his next career would be. Unlike other baseball greats who never got too far off the diamond, he had no desire to head back into the dugout as a coach or manager. Instead, he wanted to use his mathematical mind for another longtime passion of his: creating kick-ass video games.

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moparful992052d ago

This whole article sums up exactly why I am going to buy and pay full price for Kingdoms of amalur: reckoning... I love the fact that the nerd turned baseball turned game developer is honest, confident, yet humble is a combination that not too many people posess and the fact that he wants to be filthy rich, not for personal gain, but to imapct the world through als research touches a part of me that says "Give this guy money".. So I will proudly buy this game whether I like it or not and continue to support his company.. I sincerely hope they do well with this game and continue to make games...