Bethesda Developers Tweet Thanks to PC Users / Acknowledge Primary Fan Base

Today Bethesda marked the launch of its Creation Kit with a tweet thanking its longtime PC fan base for essentially getting them to the level of success the developer has achieved off the back of the Elder Scrolls series.

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RedDead2329d ago

"Skyrim was built for peak functionality on a high end PC"

360 version is lead. Which is why the Pc version is so average looking, the released a high res texture patch along with the creation kit and it still looks majorly dated.

ATi_Elite2328d ago

I laughed so hard my tummy hurts!

The Witcher 2 blows Skyrim out of the water graphically.

DOn't get me wrong Skyrim is a GREAT game but the "built for the high end PC" thing is just laughable.

Suddenbrain2328d ago

Does peak functionality just mean graphic performance? The article says nothing about graphic quality. Visuals were the most important part of a game when I was 12 too.

Not arguing which is best visually, but you're able to get more out of the game on a PC.

caboose322327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )


Even if he wasn't talking about the graphics of the game, not even the UI was built with the PC in mind. In fact, nothing in the game was built with the PC in mind.

I think Bethesda sees how great the game actually sold on the PC and are trying to make up for it, since they seemed very doubtful at first.

Somebody2327d ago

How long did it take Bethesda to realize that the most PCs have more that 2 gb of RAM? An extremely simple problem that modders rectified within days after Skyrim was launched.

HenryFord2327d ago

Which would help you nothing without a 64bit-(sub)system... 32bit - 2GB, that is where the limit hits (or - if we want to link the LAA-handle - 3GB on a 32bit OS, 4GB on 64bit OS; that's it). And this is by the way in no way limited by the OS, but by the build. You did notice that a lot of games are still running as 32bit-applications? So does Skyrim.
In some rare cases you get different executables for 32- and 64-bit, but a lot of games aren't running in 64bit and thus cannot exceed 2GB of memory that easily. The LAA-handle by the way has it's fair share of disadvantages...

Somebody2327d ago

Doesn't the Creation Kit require a 64 bit OS as minimum requirement? I'm sure there are modders that will go crazy and make mods that will use tons of RAM. Even Bethesda's Peter Hine tweets that modders should have at least 4 gb of RAM - for a game that started out not supporting (or forgot to) beyond 2gb.

ATi_Elite2328d ago

Games like Arma II, X-Rebirth, Shogun 2: Total War, Microsoft Flight Sim ect are made for high end PC's cause of the detail, draw distances, physics, A.I., and all the other intricate abilities of these titles and not just graphics.

Skyrim has a large open world and OK detail but that's about it. STALKER has the same thing but the A-Life A.I. system really pushes things a lot further almost taking a SP game and making it a MMO with the way the NPC's act and all this intelligent A.I. requires power.

Megaton2327d ago

Coming from the devs who were complaining about PC leading up to Skyrim's launch. Still plugging away at the preferential treatment towards the 360 with DLC, too.


I understand where their coming from but feck where's the PS3 love?

Dasteru2327d ago

So let me get this straight, Bethy focuses on the console versions of skyrim. Gives its "Longtime PC fanbase" a shotty port. Then releases the creation kit with a thank you note basically stuck to its ass, thanking us for doing all the heavy lifting to get the PC version of the game to the point of playability? How thoughtful.

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