Destructoid - Jak & Daxter HD Collection Review

Dale North writes: Say what you will about rerelease collections, but this one was needed. The Jak and Daxter series contained some of the finest games available on the PS2, and this generation of PS3 gamers may have missed out on Naughty Dog's earliest works, so a series collection was more than welcome. The Jak and Daxter Collection takes all three games, remasters them in high-definition running at 60 frames per second, adds Trophy support and 3D support, and puts them all on one $40 disc for the PS3. Even after more than a decade, Jak and Daxter impress -- that's how good these games are.

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Dreambox2208d ago

I simply cannot wait for this game! It sucks having to wait until it's released on the 24th to play these three games again when America already have them, but I guess I can wait a little longer.

I'm so going for the Platinum trophy in Jak and Daxter. My all time favourite game. Love it.

schlanz2208d ago

Definitely buying this once I find some time for it.