Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review [Game Revolution]

Just like FFXIII, some people are going to like FFXIII-2 a lot, and some would only be happy if every disc was micturated upon and set on fire. C'est la vie. ~Josh Laddin

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dbjj120882326d ago

Ouch, wondering if I should return this unopened copy.

iamtehpwn2326d ago

It's an incredibly good game. It's one of the first games I've ever seen on here to get both 9's and 5's. A lot of troll reviews out there, but this game is really fun, and the best FF since X, so at least try it.

Hicken2326d ago

Ouch? A 3.5 is a 7, which is just a little lower than what I'd give the game (at around a 7.5-8).

I'm enjoying the game quite a bit. But don't let my opinion sway you: I'm just some guy. JUST LIKE EVERY REVIEWER OUT THERE.

If you're interested in XIII-2, then you played XIII. If you liked it, but wished a few things here and there were changed, give it a try. Otherwise, skip it.

Knight_Cid2326d ago

and kingdom of A is getting 6's and 7's too, hit happens

Play the game yourself

knifefight2326d ago

Recommended for XIII fans, anti-recommended for non-XIII fans. That's pretty much the deal, with this game.

JonnyBigBoss2326d ago

I can't believe they made this.

Knight_Cid2326d ago

i cant believe they didnt release it sooner its that great

xXxSeTTriPxXx2326d ago

"Recommended for XIII fans, anti-recommended for non-XIII fans. That's pretty much the deal, with this game" thats bs, i hated ff13 and i'm loving 13-2.if you want to hate the game (seems like everyone does), thats ur business but don't try and speak for everyone else.13-2 is what 13 should've been in a # of ways.if you want a soild jrpg you can't go wrong with 13-2.

8BitBrian2326d ago

Same, I hated 13 but as of right now I'm loving 13-2. Especially the soundtrack. I was surprised to see the reviewer from RPGFan didn't like the soundtrack, but I find myself looking the songs on youtube as background music while I grind on a korean MMO that need not be named LOL.

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