Mass Effect 3 'From Dust' DLC purchased at GameStop before launch

Reader Craig sent us this image of his GameStop receipt, where he purchased a code for some Mass Effect 3 DLC ahead of the game's March 6 launch. He reports that he paid $10 for it.

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Godmars2902263d ago

So now there's day minus one DLC?

Solid_Snake372263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Im getting sick of EA... They love cutting content from finished games and selling them as DLC ¬¬ greedy bastards. I refuse to buy DLC that are announced before the game is out.

dirthurts2263d ago

I really hate DLC. Just my opinion. I want it all when I buy it. I don't want new stuff coming out later that I have to pay for.

MariaHelFutura2263d ago

Motion gaming and this kind of DLC need to die.

EmperorDalek2263d ago

This had better not be real, but knowing EA...

FutureTechnologies2263d ago

WoW DLC released before the game...Mass Effect is turning into a cash cow.

Gamer-Z2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Exactly, kinda makes me wonder if the game is actually going to be any good or is just all hype like COD. I played ME1 & ME2 and i have to say ME2 is less RPG than ME1 and ME3 looks like it has even less RPG elements.

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