The Ultimate PS3 Media Streaming Solution Is Here

Have gigabytes upon gigabytes of DivX/XviD media you want to watch on your HDTV? Want to stream it all without using a PC? Well thanks to firmware 2.10 for the PLAYSTATION 3, the ultimate streaming solution is here.

Check out the solution at QuickSave.

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jams_shop3629d ago

that's nice but the price is not

jaja14343629d ago

I thought the PS3 could play Divx already? Have I been misinformed?

jackdoe3629d ago

No. Didn't you see all the damn N4G posts about firmware 2.1? This is just to facilitate ease of using your PC as a media server because it is a pain in the ass if you don't know what you are doing.

Ju3629d ago

Hey, does anybody know a good media server which runs under linux ? (couldn't get videos to stream with ushare...??)