Sound Shapes Will Release On PSN, Shares User Content Across Regions

GR: "The one game I can point to in anticipation and regularly lust after is Sound Shapes from Queasy Games and SCEA. The PlayStation Vita title features buttery smooth level creation and an excellent soundtrack. But I didn't think that the game would be landing on the newest handheld via download from the PSN."

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stormeagle62323d ago

Still have no idea how this game will play but it looks awesome!

knifefight2323d ago

There needs to me more stuff like this. Vita has a chance to really open things up and make most, if not all, games worldwide experiences. I hope that opportunity is not squandered away.

Sev2323d ago

Agreed. This and Sumioni (which I just played last night) are going to set the Vita apart from consoles.

Yes, I said consoles. Vita feels way more like home consoles than a handheld.

knifefight2322d ago

It might have to do with the fact that it's the first handheld since the Game Gear to not fit in my pocket.

RatchetandClank2323d ago

Really cant wait to play this game. Wish I knew the release date.

dbjj120882322d ago

Someone asked about that during the live chat but it wasn't answered :(

doctorstrange2323d ago

I so want this, looks awesome.