A PSP Fan’s Take on the Lack of UMD Passport Program in North America

GamingSurvival - A dedicated PSP fan and soon-to-be Playstation Vita owner shares his opinion on the announcement that the UMD Passport Program will not be coming to North America.

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GribbleGrunger2208d ago

here they come!!! if you love your old PSP games so much, keep the PSP or buy a new one and forget about Vita.

Kalowest2208d ago

The PSP i have right now is worn-out, and I'm going to do just that "buy a new one". I have over 20 games for my PSP, theirs no way I'm going to stop playing them.
I might get the Vita as a gift(Bday or Xmas).

GribbleGrunger2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

well that's fair enough. those that bought digital versions of games have no worries, those that want to continue playing their UMDs can keep the PSPs and those that 'really' want to replay older games they either own or want to buy second hand can buy a second hand PSP. this is going to be yet another stick to beat the Vita with, just before release.

stuff this, i'm still getting one anyway.

dark-hollow2208d ago

Or maybe you should stop reacting to any complain as a threat and hate to the vita.
Sure there are a lot of haters out there but this guys complains are totally legit.

"As a PSP fan and soon-to-be Playstation Vita owner"
See?he's still gonna get the vita anyways. That's what a true fan is.
He loves he's favorite brand but still doesn't afraid to talk about it issues.

dark-hollow2208d ago

Here they comes? Aren't you suppose to side with a fellow gamer?
Its totally fair to ask for this feature especially when it available elsewhere outside the US.

Is it wrong to ask for this?

metsgaming2208d ago

people complain about paying for a game you have twice, now people complain that the program got scrapped. Typical. I do feel sorry for those who actually like it in the first place.

user39039992207d ago

This might sound crazy to some of you but I'm planing to play PSP games on my..........PSP
I know, crazy right. But what's even crazier is I'm gonna play PS Vita games on my.........PS VITA.

Here's how I look at it. I'm buying a Vita to play Vita games, not old games that I can already play on my PSP.
What's wrong with keeping your PSP for PSP games?

My PSP is hacked and is a great emulation machine, I have no plans to get rid of it for a new device.

It's not wrong to want this feature, but it's not really the reason to buy a Vita.

kamanashi2207d ago

I would never get rid of my PSP. Especially since Kingdom Hearts BBS is still UMD only. Put too much time into that game to give it up.

_Aarix_2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Oh yea cause having a vita AND a psp is very portable dont you think? If a vita can play your psp then it should. I'd pay for a umd attachment and the vita can play them via emulation. Its hard enought carrying a insulin pump, a phone and a handheld.

DigitalxPiracy2207d ago

Don't be a dick. Give the PSP to your sister.