Did Swtor Fail?

This article looks into the financial numbers of Swtor and really addresses if the game was a failure.

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ATi_Elite2326d ago

Your Numbers are Wrong.

SW:tor has pushed 2.11m units through RETAIL.
most companies sale their games at $20 a piece to the Store then the store sales them at $60 to you and me.

So that's 2,110,000 x $20 = $42,200,000
plus what ever is still sitting on the shelves has been paid for as well.

Now Many PC Gamers bought SW:tor digitally so what ever that total number is you multiply by $50.
(if bought on Origin EA got the Whole $60 if bought elsewhere generally just minus $10-$15)

Next you have 1.7M monthly subscribers paying $15 a month which is DAM GOOD! (sure not WoW good but 300K is average of most MMO's so 1.7m is DAM GOOD).

so you will multiply $15 x 1,700,000 = $25,500,000 a month. Most games after you minus the dev cost make slightly more than this lifetime and SW:tor will make this monthly and is on pace to make $306,000,000 yearly!!!

SW:tor is just getting started and will generate $25m to $30m a month for a long long time. So money wise the game is a success but only time will tell if SW:tor can maintain 2m subscribers or reach WoW numbers.

It took WoW a few years to get the huge subscription numbers it has but I dont see SW:tor doing 12m a month cause the next Gen of MMO's are upon us like Guild Wars 2 and Tera Online but there's plenty of PC gamers to go around and a subscription MMO only needs 300K scribes a month to stay in business which is why a new MMO comes out like every other day!!

Spinal2326d ago

Yeah for WoW it was a solid game that got huge numbers by word of mouth. Swtor couldnt reach that as even as i play it. Its still far behind wow in terms of skill cap, gameplay, feature-wise, UI, add ons etc. i could go on.

With the likes of Guild Wars 2 lookin to really push the genre to a whole new level swtor would look bad for a 2011/12 MMO. People love to compare swtor of today to WoW of 2004 when today you have better technology an far more knowledge so its no excuse to release a buggy mess and feature-less mmo.

Swtor is providing me with a filler til Diablo 3, Mists of pandaria and Guild Wars 2 comes.

ATi_Elite2326d ago

Like i said WoW didn't get to where it's at today overnight. It took a while to iron out the roughness and a lot of changes.

I'm not saying SW:tor will get to WoW levels but i am saying it's still very very very early in SW:tor life cycle and changes for the good will be made.

Spinal2326d ago

No doubt im sure Swtor will get better over time an smooth out and get better features but i doubt its subs will rise by that time. So i think it will stay afloat and wont have to resort to a F2P model. But it wont ever topple WoW numbers thats for sure. With growing competition from new mmos not to mention Blizzard has another mmo to unravel. Project Titan.

Animals_as_Leaders2326d ago

I hope so.

I want the kotor franchise to come back to SP for Kotor 3 so they can finish what they started.

pandehz2325d ago

I dont want to hurt anyone here but even tho I love most bioware games this one bored me to death.

I was the most excited among my friends and pre-ordered it, participated in beta and then I felt this stuff is old.

When WOW came out in 2004 it was exceptional in bringing a really massive world with decent art style, soundtracks, cgi cutscenes, engine cutscenes, etc

SWTOR did the same with a new universe with a deep story. In the end it wasnt too new just felt like another chapter in the MMO story of our generation not a whole book like wow was.

Im not a wow fan as I only played it like a few months or so.
But lately mmos that are not doing new things are boring me to death.

I quit, rift in 2 months, aion same, eve 15 days, now swtor in like 2 months

I will try the beta for Tera and only if it truly catches my interest and i feel its totally fresh then i may subsribe besides that not much else. I wanna try real time combat now i guess. Maybe because im used to playing BF3 and other competitive multiplayer that i want real time responsive combat like that in every game now.

Also since playing the demo for amalur i just could not play any mmo with their delayed combat mechanics.

Every mmo shud now go real time action i feel or at least do something different with the main combat, change the exploration aspect, do something more fun with crafting and grouping.

Maybe none of them at all and something completely fresh and fun.

Well I guess im done for good with mmos, even GW2 looks very stale, only catch is polished free 2 play thats all. Ive been checking out all the vids but meh nothings truly attracted me.

Maybe i'll do more work for the next few yrs and play competitive n sp games and by then someone wud have made an mmo that u can pick up n play with full intensity instead of the slow feel of todays mmos. Todays mmos take for granted that everyone must have 25 hrs/day spare time.