PS Vita – Why the Vita Now

There's a certain stigma attached to early hardware adopters. It stems from the jaded demeanor bestowed upon the tech-savvy by years of manufactured obsolescence, in which sleeker, slimmer, and smoother versions of existing products, often with new features, have been brought out within years, if not months, of the initial device's release. Those who purchase these gadgets and gizmos at launch are scorned as impatient, needy slaves to corporate culture, completely lacking all semblance of self-control and self-respect. I, too, have gazed down upon those masses from my ivory tower, secure in my decision to hold off on the 3DS until after it dropped in price, the Xbox 360 until the second generation of hardware was being phased in.

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Luc202205d ago

So I was an early hardware adopter and bought 60gb B/C PS3 (still working) and you are telling me I made a mistake and parhaps should have waited a few years? Am getting PS Vita day one and I know am getting a quality product. Sony doesnt rush their products as some other companies may have done and in the end the early adopters got shafted.