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Trendy Gamers: As a reviewer, I don’t like to be harsh on games. I realize how many people and man hours it takes to craft a video game, so I figured I’d start this review off with something nice before I completely bash it; Neverdead tried. It tried to be a good third person action game in the same style as the Devil May Cry games and while it ultimately failed due to its biggest selling point, not being able to die, it at least tried something new.

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BootHammer2327d ago

NeverDead has some frustrations in the respawning enemies and its moments of repetitiveness but I still enjoyed the journey. New IP's are rare these days so I feel the new story, characters and unique twist that it offers made up for its other short comings.

TrendyGamers2327d ago

Yeah, it has its moments but I didn't enjoy it. The game is getting some pretty mixed reviews though so it seems to be the new Deadly Premonition.