Battlefield 3 – DICE Admits “Lots of Things Need Improvement”

MP1st - Community Manager, Daniel Matros, assures the Battlefield community that DICE is listening and suggests communication improvements between developers and players.

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zeroreloaded2355d ago

lol they now tell us this?

scrambles2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Well duh. if you compare BF3 to BF2, BF3 is basically CoD. So much sacrifice to make it "accessible" to gamers of today. Im not saying it is CoD but by comparison it is. Faster gameplay, less team oriented, heck the Patrick Bach said teamwork was not necessary. The sandbox nature of the game is gone on most maps cept Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Kharg Island, and B2K Maps. Vehicles are far nerfed from their glory in BF2. Bullet deviation is way lower. Time to kill is WAAAAAAAAAAAY lower than any BF ever before. Making aiming less necessary. BC2 got it right. Headshots all day everyday.

So much sacrifice just to make it more accessible.

ATi_Elite2355d ago

It's obvious EA had way too much influence to make BF3 more like COD and the SP too me is why the MP had so many mistakes cause BF never had a SP campaign story mode. It's all about the MP.

DICE is constantly making improvements and BF3 is still the best but not as refined as BF2 was upon it's release back in the day.

BI0RAPTOR2355d ago

I know,
I guess DLC is always good though....

cpayne932355d ago

I thought they said they nailed it.

sllshrm2355d ago

Gameplay wise....yeah.

Stupid nerfs and overpowered

leogets2355d ago

Battlefields are always a living game. It wont reach perfect untill a year down the line. But as it is atm its still fucking fun and the best shooter ive ever played by far.