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Does Soul Calibur V prove itself as a worthy contender being the best installment in the Soul Calibur series? Bag of Games writes how things have improved from it's predecessor.

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h311rais3r2297d ago

Well the gameplay improvements are nice but that lack of sp content is irritating. Not to mention the horrendous lag and spammers online. Sc2 was my favorite. Always will be

Optical_Matrix2297d ago

The lack of Single Player content is inexcusable. It feels like Soul Calibur 4.5. I expect a lot more content considering Soul Calibur V came out almost 4 years ago now. However, the gameplay is solid. In fact I'd go as far as to say it's the best since SCII. The netcode and online component is brilliant and the training mode is designed to some of the highest standards I've seen in a fighting game.

I just hope they add lots of single player content to the next game. It's the reason why I still believe SCII is the definitive Soul Calibur game.

MkaY2297d ago

I'd say if they would add something for the single-player in form of DLC, we'd have a perfect fighting game in our grasp.

The single-player experience is the only reason why Soul Calibur V didn't receive perfect score as a fighting game. Other than that, it is just excellent game.