Should MMOs Come to Consoles?

Gameplayer writers Tristan Ogilvie and James Cottee debate the merits of bring the MMO genre to console gaming in this article.

"As long as the entire world plays MMOs all the time, there will be no war, no crime, no, erm food, art, literature… except inside MMOs!"

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HarryEtTubMan3808d ago

as long as it has free online, mods, keyboard and mouse, an open network system and dedicated servers like the PC and PS3 then yes. Why do u think the PS3 has baout 8-9 MMO's coming including a bunch of exclusives from NCSOFT while the 360 has maybe 2. lol PS3 is the real deal.

Prismo_Fillusion3808d ago

I'm not sure of the point of bringing MMOs to consoles if you just want to include every feature that the PC has. I'd rather see console MMOs use a standard controller. That's why consoles are consoles, and PCs are PCs.

SlappingOysters3807d ago

I think that is a good point Prismo. I do want to see MMOs on consoles, but I think they will have to be a radically different take on the concept to succeed.

I like where Test Drive Unlimited was heading...

Bolts3807d ago

Console MMO without keyboard=mass lag and confusion. Picture this, you walk into town and there's 20-30 peeps talking on their mic in the market. You go LD and lag out. After you come back you'll run into several people shouting at the top of their lungs because without the keyboard there isn't any zonewide chat feature.

Its not gonna work unless the console's MMO isn't so massive. I'm seeing something like Dungeon Runner might be possible but then again it's not really a MMO.

Lord_Mike3807d ago

MMO on a console would be great. No more playing on a computer desk with an upright chair. Who wouldn't want to play an MMO in bed is beyond me.

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Ashta3807d ago

Well, considering that the PS3 can happily support USB Keyboard/Mouse I wouldn't understand why any type of "drastic change" would need to be made to the control scheme or anything such as that.

But if your wondering if Consoles have a place in the MMO market? Why of course they do. Final Fantasy XI and PSO were great examples of good MMO's who were present on consoles. So, it CAN be done and it can be done well.

However, if you were to bring a MMO across all consoles developers might need to create a controller scheme to fit the 360 since it does not support keyboard/mouse

InMyOpinion3807d ago

Why not just play it on your PC then?

Chubear3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Cause PC gaming is too damned nerdy for me. I stoped PC gaming over a decade ago cause it just didn't feel right anymore, I just keep feeling so geeky and couldn't really socialize with others as easily as I can with consoles and a controller on my couch.

Anyone trying to prevent any genre from being experienced by others is jsut selfish.

Why shouldn't console gamers enjoy MMOs and why do people think it won't work on consoles when they've shown success on last gen consoles and current gen consoles are pretty much high end computers now.

No genre should be considered an exclusive to any platform, if a developer feels they can produce a great fun game then all props to them and they should go for it. If you don't want to play MMOs on consoles then don't but don't try to prevent others from doing so should they want to.

PS360WII3807d ago

I think there should be more MMO's out on consoles. 360 even has that keyboard you can attach to your controller so what they hey?

Ashta3807d ago

Thats right. The 360 does have that little keyboard thingy that snaps under the controller. No mouse support, but hey....i'm sure those devs could work something out.

Rooted_Dust3807d ago

I remember back when you could do cross-plat on FFXI. The console players were completely useless when they weren't using a keyboard. You couldn't even communicate with them, and they were much slower at performing actions. This may not be a problem with certain new MMO's like Huxley where it's all shooting and voice chat will be interwoven, but I don't see RPG MMO's changing for a while. So for the most part I believe MMO's will stay on PC's.

Lord_Mike3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

When FFXI first released for the PC I scooped it up and play it with a PS2 controller hooked up to my PC. I was one of the best Paladins in the game, at least everyone thought I was because I kept getting great comments. Funny thing is I stopped using the keyboard and mouse because playing that game 6+ hours straight on a keyboard is straining. I had the extension cable for the PS2 controller so I'd be able to play on my bed relaxed, and yes I had full control over my character (besides typing, but thats when gestures come into play =).

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