Top Ten Skyrim Tips (Megabits)

It’s entirely pointless trying to go into any detail with Skyrim, the game’s just too damn big! So here’s Megabits' Top Ten Tips for exploring the chilly province and getting the most out of the best RPG of 2011.

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Bojeeva2229d ago

Immense game and mean with the gamerscore. Hate those giants

HardcoreGamer20122229d ago

You forgot 'Get Dawnbreaker'. Best. Sword. Ever.

Tortilla2229d ago

Must have played this for at least 50hrs already!!!! Sensible tips tho

h311rais3r2229d ago

I have a good tip! Don't get it on ps3 if u plan on playing past 50 hours! Lol jkjk

Tortilla2229d ago

LOL, luckily it was xbox all the way!

PetitPiPi2229d ago

These are some good tips. I pretty much play the game the same way he does besides the use of companions. I rather take an ass whoopin then share the fun with an AI controlled companion.

If you`re having trouble defeating giants and dragons, I suggest you use a tree to either hide behind or run around while dual casting a destruction spell.

I'm level 38 and feels like i'm not even half way through. This game is crazy big.