IGN- Jak and Daxter Collection Review

IGN- "As a gamer who likes to relive some of my favorite games, I find the HD collections to be an awesome way to get rewarded for nostalgia. And now Sony has released two of the three platforming hall of famers from the PS2. While I find myself more disappointed than I expected that games like Jak X, Daxter and even The Lost Frontier (ugh) aren’t included in the package, The Jak and Daxter Collection has reminded me why I fell in love with the series, and Naughty Dog as a developer."

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MultiConsoleGamer2270d ago

Outstanding review for an outstanding collection! Great value too. Loving these HD collections.

Pushagree2270d ago

Whats the point of reviewing remasters? If the original got good reviews, the remaster will too.

360ICE2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Usually it's to see if the game still holds up and if the remaster adds anything to the experience. That and to write a review that gets hits.

Also: Platformers have fallen out of favour recently? WTF... (I didnt actually read the entire review)

Relientk772270d ago

Ah, there is the IGN review. fantastic score can't wait to pick this up and play the Jak games

Outside_ofthe_Box2270d ago

This will be my second HD collection. Picking this up tomorrow.

Kakihara2270d ago

I knew this series was well loved but... Better than Sly Cooper? Better than Sly 2?? I must investigate further.

Relientk772270d ago

I'm playing the Sly Cooper Collection now, and I'm picking up the Jak collection this week, so thats 6 games I gotta play then 0_0

360ICE2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

@Relientk77, @Motorola

But I can. Jak is better. You're welcome

Motorola2269d ago

I can't say which is better between Jak and Sly Cooper. They are both amazing series.

MGRogue20172270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

I really do hope they'll port this to PS Vita.. It'd be way more fun playing it while in bed & stuff.

It will definitely make those toilet breaks more enjoyable as well.. well, super stardust delta already has that covered. ;)

jony_dols2270d ago

Yeah Daxter was a great PSP game,
so hopefully this HD collection will get a Vita release!

jspencep2269d ago

I totally agree, and I don't see it being an issue for the Vita to handle.

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