Uncharted 3 Flashback Map Pack DLC #2 Screen Shots

DualShock Nexus: Earlier today Naughty Dog announced their first co-op DLC and new character skins that will be available in today's Playstation Store update. Naughty Dog also mentioned the Flashback Map Pack #2 rolling out on February 21st. Here, you can get a good taste of what Plaza, Temple, Train Wreck and Village will look like before they release with 15 screen shots. Read the full article to view them.

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El_Assenso2351d ago

Village looks amazing!!! Train Wrek looks awesome, ah what the heck all of the maps look brilliant. And they all happend to be my favourite maps from Uncharted 2!!! Day 1 buy for me!! :D

-Alpha2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Agreed, these 4 maps are definitely top class UC2 maps. Glad they are all back, though I hope the blizzard from Train Wreck is in full effect in the desert version

I absolutely love Village, and I prefer the UC2 map design over what I played in UC3 beta.

JBaby3432351d ago

They all look great. Naughty Dog has to be my favorite dev.

MsclMexican2351d ago

Village was my favourite map in Uncharted 2 as well as Ice caves, and I say they had the best transition into Uncharted 3.

Plaza looks great as well.

Train wreck was my least favorite, maybe because it was the most challenging to get used to, I could never learn the layout for the map.

But the new rendition is gorgeous.

Temple is a great map, but I wish more was done with the map.

Other than that... another great mp addition to this game. After I accomplish the surgery on my PS3 I will download these straight away.

(Ran out of space on my hard drive, got a 500GB Seagate Momentus 5400RPM, 2.5", in order to replace my old 80gb, just got to transfer my Uncharted and Mass effect saves.... maybe my Assassins Creed and Saints rows saves and I am set for more gaming)

PamPoovey2351d ago

I honestly wish U2 had this much support...

This is just my opinion but the online in U2 is way better then all the added changes in U3. Hell even I've been playing it again and I think it's still better even with the 1.5 update and thats saying something

I hope when they do U4 they go back to how simple U2 was....less is more.

Ducky2351d ago

If they had DLC for UC2 that contained UC3's map, I'd be all over it.

At the same time, it does feel like UC2 has a lower skill ceiling seeing as how it is a more simpled game.

-Alpha2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

UC2 takes more skill than UC3. UC3 has much more balance issues because they just threw in a bunch of stuff without properly balancing the perks or gun balance.

UC2's biggest blow was that they changed the damage input. But UC2's simplicity doesn't make it take less skill, more is not always better

MidnytRain2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )


I wouldn't say that UC2 took much more skill. There were plenty of ways to be cheap and abuse mechanics as well as several exploitable glitches I don't think were ever fixed. If I remember correctly, you yourself said UC3's gun recoil was a "b**** to control" or something along those lines. Or that might have been someone else... Hmm... Anyway, people say CoD has no recoil, but it's nothing compared to UC2, where it's entirely possible and fairly easy to full-auto an AK-47 while keeping it perfectly still with a slight downward tilt of the stick.

BillytheAlien2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Me aswell, I went back on Uncharted 2 recently and oh my god how much balanced is it, I was one of these people who moaned on about the 1.5 patch a lot but now I don't even notice it. The only thing I still don't like is SA but even that is nothing compared to how unbalanced Uncharted 3 is where most matches you go on it's people blindfiring and sprinting.

The problem with the beta is ND couldn't see how the MP was going to turn out when nearly EVERYONE gets to a high level because of the level cap, and unlocks all the cool stuff in their treasure chests....Lazarevic's Kal-7, the FAL, Choles TAU, Marlowes M9.

They only added all the COD like changes, well I mean "every other multiplayer game" like changes...but thats too you have Kickbacks, upgradable boosters, weapon mods etc because they wanted to compete with the big boys but they said closer to the release that there was no way they could compete since Uncharted is an basicaly what was the point. They have fans now, they may aswell go back to how simple and more balanced U2 was.

They could of least had a classic mode in Uncharted 3 with an elimination mode where it plays EXACTLY like Uncharted 2 but they didn't.

People don't even use skill as much in Uncharted 3, they just go out there like an action hero and hope for the best, least in Uncharted 2 it was more skill based since people didn't rely on other things like kickbacks or powerplays.

I just want Uncharted 4 to have

Your Skill
Your two boosters and the
The same two starter weapons, if you want a differen't gun, go out, find and earn it.

Keep the customization though, thats something which is a keeper in Uncharted 3, maybe some fashionable customization aswell

Ducky2351d ago

Taking TrainWreck from snow to desert?
Well played ND.

PR_FROM_OHIO2351d ago

Wow way to go Naughty Dog charge us for maps we already had!!!! Can we please get some new maps!!!

SageHonor2351d ago

^ This

I'm still hoping for a map based off of that ship

Ultr2351d ago

In the multiplayer-reveal-trailer at about 1.10min they actually show a Ship level! (you can see the water flying around and such, EPIC!)
I guess nobody has seen it before, but they showed it to us :D I dunno, maybe it got cancelled, you should check it out!

BoNeSaW232351d ago

Great! More maps for the 3rd level legacy's (i'm sure they have 'em already memorized from U2) to destroy me on. Fun.
How about new maps ND
for everybody to be introduced to, not just catering to the hardcore U2 players.